Gay along with Depressed from the Massive Area – will be Gay Relationship Dead?

From the morning the defendants met to get rid of the body.

Several months after the crime, Rocío said that Carcaño had confessed him that they hid him into a breakdown next to his home home, which led to a third unsuccessful search, like the previous ones in the Guadalquivir and in a landfill. Today it has been ratified that that was what Carcaño said: “It is true that Miguel took me to a bedside grove where he hid the body.” She herself has doubted that it was true.

The minor contradicts because, after having claimed that the it was told by the happened, he has assured that he asked for a letter to his exnovation, when he was already in jail, who told him the truth: “I wrote to Miguel because he loved him And I asked him to explain why he came out in the news and had been arrested. ” The lawyer that has interrogated him has added that the letter included: “You loved me and laughed at Marta behind my back».

Antonio T.D., owner of a bar located next to the housing of Carcaño, has declared that at two in the morning he took his garbage and saw two “thin” guys cross the street dressed with two hoodies with hoodies. There were two young men with about 10 centimeters of difference between their guards, although he has manifested that he did not see his face. Both pushed a wheelchair with a rigid bundle placed on the armrests, heading towards containers and minutes later with the empty chair. “I thought: how strange that at this time the neighbors pull things,” he said.

The witness has contradicted with respect to what he declared before the investigating judge on the presence of more people and about his prior knowledge of the main suspect.

He has also declared Javier Vaquero, who saw Samuel Benítez, accused of having participated in the concealment of the corpse, and his girlfriend at the neighborhood of Montequinto at 8:15 p.m. on January 24, 2009, the night of the Disappearance of Marta del Marta Castle. The testimony of him has not contributed anything relevant to the case.

Rosa María S.M., Expose of the brother of Carcaño, has ratified that she spent all night of the crime, between 21.15 and 23.30, with him and with her’s common daughter.

The twelfth trial session for the Marta case has given this morning a surprise: the prosecution has announced that a man presented himself last Thursday at a police station and said he had moved the brother of Carcaño, Javier Delgado, until the home where he supposedly died Marta From the castle, the night of the crime “In the early hours of the morning,” according to the prosecutor.

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